Hi! I’m Hilary.

A little bit about me.

I grew up in the California Bay Area so I am closely tied to the Silicon Valley and all that’s related to that crazy world – tech start-ups, the Dot Com era, great tacos, etc. After a brief stop in Utah, my husband and I decided to move to Florida for him to attend law school. We picked Florida because we wanted to try a place neither of us had ever lived in before.

A little bit about what I like doing.

I’m a creative problem solver. My favorite thing to do is take something and find a new or improved way to work with it. And I’m not just talking about work, though marketing strategy and out-of-the-box ideas are definitely a part of what I love doing. I am an avid thrifter because I love taking weird, old clothes and wearing them in modern and interesting ways. I’m also pretty good at helping figure out people problems – I pride myself on bringing groups together to work well.

What you’ll see from me.

My persona is a tall, confident, outgoing woman who can be silly and loves to talk and laugh with everyone she meets. I have learned to be that person – growing up a socially nervous person who preferred to watch others I realized that I have a natural leadership ability so I wanted to use that to help others be more comfortable in group situations. Thus, I find myself constantly meeting new people and watching for people who may be on the outskirts.

In reality, I hate trying to describe myself like this. Please just reach out and let’s chat!