I just really like words.

Words in every way: reading, writing, discussing, inventing. I am a natural born communicator, but finding Public Relations was a pivot-point in my life. It addresses all the nuances of what I want to do with my life and gives me the freedom to creatively excite others about issues. More importantly, it has taught me to think, message and communicate from not-Hilary perspectives.

I also really like people.

Every person I meet opens my life a little more because their passions and interests enhance my appreciation and perspective of the world. This is the biggest reason why I obsess over social media and the internet. I meet people daily and see their work and achievements. It motivates me to go out and create something of my own.   You should introduce yourself! I want to hear your story.

BA of Communications

I am a B.A. in Communications - Public Relations from Brigham Young University. (Named top 5 by PR Week)

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Hilary h Jarman

I was born to do PR. I love meeting people and Bikram yoga. This box isn't sufficient to capture who I am, you should meet me.

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Lots of Thoughts

I am obsessed with the social media and Internet dialog. Read my blog and leave me your thoughts.

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