Advertisement Interpretations – Bvlgari Lvcea Ad

I’m constantly being sucked into advertisements.

Sometimes it’s the fairy book lighting of an Olivia Bee Hermes Ad, other times it’s the simple, yet effective story telling and then there are times when I’m visually captured.

 This advertisement – Bvlgari advertisement for the new Lvcea watch – caught my eye simply because of the composition of the rose gold with the red dial. It’s such a subtle ad, and yet I was instantly reminded of those stubborn flowers that inevitably seem to appear in the harshest of conditions.

bvlgari lvcea ad

I think this is an interesting look into my personality. I pour over high fashion and its advertising and yet the rawness of a desert sheep herder is stunning and to me so much more beautiful. A part of me wishes I could be a photo journalist like Lisa Kristine. But then again, the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. I wander through this topic because I’m still trying to figure out how I can best mash up all my interests.

Have you seen any ads, recently, that have struck you for some reason?

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