Inspiration | Fashion and Thrifting from Open Ceremony

Please excuse my absence, I’ve been in a feminist depression.

And now for something completely different:

I’m reading “Annals of Retail: Mom-and-Pop Shop” the March 20th volume of The New Yorker about Opening Ceremony’s founders, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, and this quote really hit me:

In the nineties, U.C. Berkley became an unlikely incubator for the future of fashion. Leon (who majored in communications and art) and Lim (economics) overlapped there…Fashion wasn’t offered as a major. “It was more, like, this is my tribe, that’s your tribe, based on how you dressed,” Laura Mulleavy [co-founder of Redarte] told me.

“‘I like your Docs’ – that’s how Humberto and I met,” Cynthia Leung, a Berkeley classmate who is now a fashion publicist, said. She introduced Leon to Lim during their sophomore year, and she accompanied them on epic shopping trips to the Salvation Army. “Carol would find one or two things, maybe a cashmere cardigan that was beaded and lined. And then Humberto and I would have these mammoth piles. Our main question was ‘Is this ugly? Is this beautiful ugly?’

May we always embrace the beautiful ugly. And may we always be ballsy enough to love doing so.

It just kinda clicked

The past twelve months have given me an unexpected change of course and I didn’t see it until today.


In that time:

  • badass28I was given a promotion based off the belief I step up into what the role would require.
  • My boss quit, leaving me with even more responsibility to figure out.
  • I was invited to speak as a token Millennial at the Bullhorn conference with the President of my company.
  • Hillary Clinton was nominated the first major female candidate for President of the United States.
  • I was put in charge of the relationship between my company and Levo League.
  • I hit the 18-month count-down to my 30th birthday.


Each event was unrelated but lead me to today where I had a clear moment of realization – I need to take all my excitement, insights, and desire to learn and be inspired, and I need to curate them in a way that I can expand my network to and with other nasty women.



Because that’s really what happened. I watched my opportunities slowly expand as I fell in love with my inner bossy girl, my nasty woman. And now, I want to take my Millennial label, my “feminist rage” for inclusive quality, and talk about that.