Campaign & Agency

Agency Account Executive: Team Leader & International Event

The Bradley PR Agency made me the Account Executive over their first international account. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor holds an annual event at which they present the results of the data collected throughout the year about global entrepreneurship levels in each country. The event was based in Washington D.C. and my team was assigned to find a keynote speaker and promote the event to media, private organizations, and political leaders in an effort to further the means of the organization.

PR Campaign: Small Team & Start-to-Finish

I was put into a team of five people to proposed an entire public relations campaign for a local hospital, the Orem Community Hospital. My team had some personality differences but we quickly found we each had strengths that led to a very successful final proposal. My unofficial role fell to content creation and project overview. I wrote and edited most of the content, along with I kept a project-wide view: I made sure all campaign aspects were covered; responsibilities assigned, completed and correct; collected newest editions of the work for our designer to place into the final template.


I worked extensively conducting research and analyzing data for one client, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). My work covered two focuses of UDOT. The Utah Department of Transportation was conducting large-scale renovations on the major freeway and I lead a team of four people to conduct man-on-the-street surveys about the impact of the construction on residential life. I then helped compile and present that information with the account executives. In an effort to minimize air pollution, UDOT was interested in a PR campaign addressing this issue. I helped conduct the primary research for this proposal. Tasks I completed include:
  • Conducted face-to-face, randomized surveys
  • Organized and performed focus groups
  • Analyzed information and potential results as compared to similar national campaigns
  • Organized and presented information in various forms