It just kinda clicked

The past twelve months have given me an unexpected change of course and I didn’t see it until today.


In that time:

  • badass28I was given a promotion based off the belief I step up into what the role would require.
  • My boss quit, leaving me with even more responsibility to figure out.
  • I was invited to speak as a token Millennial at the Bullhorn conference with the President of my company.
  • Hillary Clinton was nominated the first major female candidate for President of the United States.
  • I was put in charge of the relationship between my company and Levo League.
  • I hit the 18-month count-down to my 30th birthday.


Each event was unrelated but lead me to today where I had a clear moment of realization – I need to take all my excitement, insights, and desire to learn and be inspired, and I need to curate them in a way that I can expand my network to and with other nasty women.



Because that’s really what happened. I watched my opportunities slowly expand as I fell in love with my inner bossy girl, my nasty woman. And now, I want to take my Millennial label, my “feminist rage” for inclusive quality, and talk about that.

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