Photographs of the Syria struggle

I have had the opportunity to travel. In most places I avoided touristy destinations in an effort to find and experience worlds unique from my American ones. Very few pleasure vacations are more raw than winding down Turkish back roads guided only by a piece of paper that you hope was translated into Turkish correctly.

Time published a series of photographs from photojournalists covering the conflict in Syria between the Assad regime and the rebels. They are powerful: a collection of the journalists favorite images.

Perhaps more than anything I have shocked at the resilience of these people. The above image is of a man returning home to his family with his groceries. He has to run across the street to avoid the sniper haunting the street.

I’m not sure if it is because I have seen the beauty of these foreign place that I ache for those thrown into the wars. Maybe it’s because I have no way of really comprehending the world the Syrian rebels are currently living and these journalists images have succeeded in moving their audience that I find myself wishing I could be there photographing the situation. It feels more concrete, like these people and their cameras are doing more to help resolve this situation than anything I can do from my padded chair in America.

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