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One of my big focuses at work, right now, is to train our colleagues on how to use Twitter. And I’ve realized that trying to convince baby boomers of the importance of 140 character blurbs can be overwhelmed by “handles,” “hashtags” and “live tweeting”.

So I begin my training with three fundamental points, with the hope that they will motivate the trainees to figure out Twitter, as opposed to relying on my examples to get them through:

  1. The digital world is highly integrated with our off-line life. The more you can be aware of the digital conversations, and take part in them, the more influence you will have.

  2.  Create a personal brand. Read my post on personal brand tips.

  3.  Integrate social media into your current patterns. If you read news every morning, tweet the articles you find especially interesting. If you are in and out of client visits, check the Twitter app while in the elevator. Stuff like that.


Despite my awesome advice to people, I struggle with keeping on top of my social media. I question my personal brand, and I wonder if I am creating a voice worth listening to.


Last night, I was going through my notebook of random thoughts/inspirations and I found an old note to myself:

“I don’t have to have all the insights, knowledge and thoughts, I just need to add my voice to the conversation and the connections will come.”

And that’s what I’m going to do. If you have any advice that has helped you, please share!

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