Adecco Group North America

Director of Marketing
Jacksonville, FL
September 2013 — Present

I started with Adecco Group as a Marketing Specialist, and in November of 2015 I was promoted to Director of Marketing for Adecco Staffing. My favorite part of my job has been the autonomy I was trusted with to figure out where I could make the biggest impact for the business. I credit that autonomy, along with a great team and leadership’s support, for my rapid career progression.

I have worked on an extensive variety of projects and tasks that have supported the business at all levels: the global parent group, the individual business unit, and the local colleagues.
  • As a Senior Marketing Specialist my work included:
    • Local strategy for individuals and departments around the United States for events, sales, and recruiting purposes.
    • Training and support for local and individual social media use.
    • Strategic campaign for large national clients.
    • Tactic and collateral planning, creation, and implementation.


Operations Analyst
American Fork, UT
September 2011 – August 2013

The role of Operations Analyst was created specifically for me. After winning an internal communications competition, the company executives decided to create a job where my analytical, organizational and company experiences were used to help the executive-level management.
Job responsibilities included:
  • Worked directly with the VP of Service and Fulfillment
  • Collected and analyzed data for reporting and company auditing purposes
  • Planned strategies to streamline work flow and follow-up on company work processes
  • Collaborated on projects for partner companies
  • Managed teams to account for internal position changes
Other job titles and responsibilities included:
  • SEM Strategiest
    • Built and edited lead generation websites for clients on WordPress.
    • Analyzed client websites to help plan and propose SEM optimization strategies.
    • Built reports for internal and external purposes.
    • Built and maintained PPC campaigns on Google and Yahoo.
  • Campaign Manager
    • Managed and monitored 77 client accounts.


BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School

Publications Intern
Provo, UT
July 2010 – August 2011

As an intern in the publications department of a top tier law school I was given a lot of freedom to develop the strategic communication of the school along with my team. My greatest accomplishment was I researched, proposed then implemented and maintained the law school’s social media presence.
  • Researched, proposed and implemented the school’s social media usage (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).
    • Brought into a university-level group on planning the strategy of the university’s social media usage.
  •  Planned and managed a team to film video segments for online promotion.
  •  Researched and wrote feature stories and news articles for publication.
    • Photographed events and people to be published along with articles.
  • Analyzed school website and proposed restructuring based on modern website style and usability.


Bradley Public Relations Agency

Account Executive
Provo, UT
May 2010 – January 2011

Global Entrepreneur Monitor I was asked to be the account executive for the agency’s first international account. The non-profit organization collects data about entrepreneurship around the globe then announces the findings at its annual meeting. Our work was based around this annual event.
  • Managed team of 12 people and worked with the client directly to address campaign issues, client misconceptions and success standards.
  • Conducted media relations before, during and after the event, including post-even media coverage.
  • Researched and selected keynote speaker for the event.
  •  Invited attendees from the public and private sectors to build support for the overall goals of the organization.
Utah Department of Transportation
  • Led group of eight people to perform over 400 man-on-the-street-surveys concerning county-wide construction projects.
  • Helped synthesize collected data and presented information to the Utah Department of Transportation.


iqaInternational Quidditch Association

International Marketing Manager
January 2013 — May 2014

I fell into working with the International Quidditch Association purely by chance. The sixth annual World Cup took place in Kissimmee, FL—not far from where I live—so I decided to see if I could attend as a volunteer. I ended up helping plan the event itself as Hospitality Director. As the World Cup VI Hospitality Director, I was in charge of a team of six whose responsibilities included: Attendance
  • Ticket sales
  • Spectator experience
  • VIP tickets an perks
  • Contract negotiation for our two main performances
  • Plan and coordinate smaller, wandering entertainment
Teams and Players
  • Communicate all event plans with more than 1,500 players
  • Coordinate team check-in, transportation and lodging
The entire experience was so interesting, fun and personally expanding I decided to apply as a full-time volunteer and I took the role of Human Resources Director. As such I:
  • Updated documents and policies to reflect organizational goals and expectations
  • Hired more than 50 volunteers (permanent and temporary volunteers)
  • Streamlined volunteer structure and job descriptions
  • Mediated issues between volunteers
  • Increased inter-organizational communication

Jarman_Project ReadProject Read

Public Relations Volunteer
Provo, UT
September 2010 – December 2010

I approached this non-profit organization and offered my time and skills to help it build a public relations presence.
  • Wrote feature stories, press releases, letters to the editor, speeches and presentations and designed flyers for the non-profit’s use.
  • Completed “How To Complete PR” packet for the organization’s use after my departure.
  • Helped promote and run the annual fundraising event.


Jarman_BYU_LogoBrigham Young University

Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Public Relations Minor in English
The BYU Public Relations program was rated one of the top 5 programs in the nation by PR Week. I completed coursework, which included many real-world experiences and opportunities, in the following areas:
  • Public relations
    • Education included: research, campaign creation, strategy and tactic creation and implementation
    • Real-world experience included: campaign research for the Utah Department of Transportation, campaign creation for Intermountain Healthcare, campaign implementation
  • Journalism
    • Education and experience included: writing for the campus newspaper and campus magazine
  • English
    • Creative, persuasive and analytical writing
  • Completed classes in marketing, accounting, political science, Spanish and German
Other experiences:
  • Studied in Berlin, Germany
  • Volunteered for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign in Colorado

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