Volunteer Experience

International Quidditch Association

Hospitality Director
Jacksonville, FL | January 2013 — April 2013

I fell into working with the International Quidditch Association purely by chance. The sixth annual World Cup took place in Kissimmee, FL—not far from where I live—so I decided to see if I could attend as a volunteer. I ended up helping plan the event itself as Hospitality Director. I was in charge of a team of six whose responsibilities included:
– Ticket sales
– Spectator experience
– VIP tickets an perks

– Contract negotiation for our two main performances
– Plan and coordinate smaller, wandering entertainment

Teams and Players
– Communicate all event plans with more than 1,500 players
– Coordinate team check-in, transportation and lodging

Human Resources Director
Jacksonville, FL | April 2013 — May 2014

The entire experience was so interesting, fun and personally expanding I decided to apply as a full-time volunteer and I took the role of Human Resources Director. As such I:
– Updated documents and policies to reflect organizational goals and expectations
– Hired more than 50 volunteers (permanent and temporary volunteers)
– Streamlined volunteer structure and job descriptions
– Mediated issues between volunteers
– Increased inter-organizational communication

Project Read

Public Relations Volunteer
Provo, UT | September 2010 – December 2010

I approached this non-profit organization and offered my time and skills to help it build a public relations presence.
– Wrote feature stories, press releases, letters to the editor, speeches and presentations and designed flyers for the non-profit’s use.
– Completed “How To Complete PR” packet for the organization’s use after my departure.
– Helped promote and run the annual fundraising event.

BYU College Democrats

Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Election
Colorado | September 2008

– I canvassed Colorado before the 2008 election to help register voters and encourage them to vote.
– Colorado voted blue.