SoundCloud: In the toolbox

Today, my co-worker told me that one of our company’s new hires mixes his own music. (Read: Musical mash-ups in the electronic genre of music) When I asked if I could hear some of it, my co-worker sent me a link from the new-hire’s SoundCloud account.

If you aren’t familiar with SoundCloud, (I’m ashamed to admit I was unaware of it before this happened) it’s a social website where users can record, create or upload music and share it. My first response was to be mildly impressed at the new-hire’s talent. My second response was to think how cool it is to have a social site based solely around music and my third response was disappointment that I didn’t think of a social music network first.

I suppose that’s how all new inventions are created. What is that one saying; You don’t have to be smarter than everyone else, you just need to be a day earlier.

That’s definitely true when it comes to things like Chia pets, but when something like MySpace comes along the doors are thrown open and everyone is on the same day. At that point the race is to do the same thing, but better. Thus, MySpace gave way to Facebook and Hotmail to Gmail.

Sadly, I’m not inventive enough to spend my whole life trying to create the next big thing, but I am creative enough to discover new ways to use them. SoundCloud might just stay a tool I never really bring out of my toolbox, but it’s there and I’d like to figure out a way to use it, even if it is simply to decide the new-hire was a good pick.


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