Three ways I learned to create my personal brand

When I started my first job, I was all excited about establishing myself online as some kind of expert, but I was uncomfortable with everything I was publishing. My blog? A fluffy mimicry of fashion blogs I followed. Twitter? Sporadic and voiceless.

I thought the frustration came from feeling like I was selfishly talking about myself all the time, but after two years I realized I hadn’t figured out my personal brand. I didn’t have any confidence in creating and sharing “me” because the person I was portraying was a façade.

A big part of my job, right now, is training others on social media and I always start my Twitter training talking about personal brand. So while I haven’t perfected my personal brand, here are three tips that have helped me:

Hilary Twitter Profile Personal Brand

1 – Pick a focus.

I started out, like a lot of people do, just jabberjawing about anything that came to mind. It’s a good way to get familiar with the different platforms, but a personal brand should have a focus. For example, right now, mine is branding, design and guerrilla advertising. Figure out what your unique focus.

2 – Care.

You should enjoy posting on social media and the best way to do care about the conversations you’re involved in. This is very similar to picking a focus, but you can follow topics you don’t necessarily focus on. For example, I throw a little bit of Harry Potter and literature into my conversations to add depth and it makes me excited to continue building my brand.

3 – Stop focusing on the end.

I’m a destination person, and one struggle of creating a personal brand is there is no destination. People are ambiguous and continuously changing, so a good personal brand will match that.

What other tips have you found to be helpful in building your personal brand? I want to know!