That design is so 2014

Three years in a row now, I’ve created a Christmas card summarizing Taylor and my life together and for three years in a row, I’ve done nothing with them.

It’s a mix of reasons for not actually sending the cards, I suppose: my dislike of performing, the enjoyment of design surpassing the gratification of showing off that design, and my tendency to move on as soon as something ends (if not before).

Regardless of the reason, I feel guilty for ending my work so uselessly. So, here you are: A preview of my life and design.

2014 Jarman copy

In all honesty, I am proud of this design.

Video editing and used bookstores

Recently, I’ve been teaching myself how to edit short videos. I’m definitely pleased with how my first few have turned out, even though they are super amateurish.

I figure if I keep working on short videos two things will happen: First, I’ll go on more adventures around Jacksonville and Florida. Second, I’ll learn how to make interesting and fun videos that don’t look like a newbie put them together.

My most recent video is of a used bookstore in downtown Jacksonville, Chamblin’s Uptown Books.


Check it out, and if you have any advice on how to improve my video-making skills, please let me know!