Why I took three months away from work

Earlier this year, I left my job at WilsonHCG and decided to do nothing. It was the first time in my full-time-employment life where I didn’t have to work and after two years of working in jobs that were demanding and stressful, I decided to take some time off.

Here’s the problem: it’s hard to do nothing. I was used to the routine, to the big projects, to solving problems, to the pride that comes with having a difficult job where you make a difference. 

But in stripping away the label of “Vice President of Marketing for an international company” I had to face how much the job was my identity. I let myself feel successful through the dictates of my job so I didn’t have to decide what I wanted my personal definition of success to be. I knew I wasn’t alone on this. In fact, Arianna Huffington wrote an entire book and started a global organization, all around this concept and I highly recommend reading Thrive – it’s been stuck in my mind since I read it last year. 

The answer I found in my three months off is that there isn’t a final answer to figure out. It’s a journey through evolving needs and focused growth. (Big surprise, I know.) 

But I guess where I’m going is not to share some revelation. I just want to say that disappearing for three months was amazing because I got to finally overcome my burnout and rekindle my relationship with the things that bring me to life. And work is a part of that.

So I’m excited to be back. Excited to be back with a title and a job and a little more balance for myself.


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